Hirundo is a sustainable shoe label from Portugal. The idea of creating a shoe label was born between 2 brothers and some friends. Hirundo doesn´t want to make trendy fashion. They make good quality shoes, that last long. A sneaker that you can wear long and that is not running out of fashion. Their slogan is “slow down” and that is something that fits very well. Most of the shoes are produced after the order, so the customer needs to wait for their shoes. They forced their customers to slow down in these fast-paced times and it saves storage space and resources.

We really like that the shoes are repairable by them.


The special is that there is just one model and you can choose between 11 different colors of the outsole. There is also one all-in-black.

We know that soon there will be a second model, also with different colors of the outsole.

Hirundo Shoes


They choose their suppliers very accurately, so all the materials are local within a 300km radius.

The leather is certified by the Leather Working Group.

The laces are organic cotton.

The outsole is a recyclable synthetic rubber.

The in- and midsole are out of cork.

The inner lining is from vegetable-tanned leather.


You can order the shoes online from the website and since last year there is also a HIRUNDO shop in Portugal. So if you are from Portugal or on holiday there, you can have a look at these nice shoes in Lisbon. And your shoes will not send via airplane, therefore shipping within Europe works great.


The price for the shoes is 145 € and they are available in the following sizes 36 to 46. Because shipping and return are just free if you order more than 150 €, you need to add shipping cost. As an example to Italy, it is 13 € and to Germany also 13 €. 

In total 158 € for one pair of HIRUNDO shoes.


We like the design and the idea behind this shoe label. Fashion is not something fast, it is about quality. We like the repairable fact. The price is not cheap, but we think if they really last long it is ok.   

If you are interested and want to have a look. Here is the link to the website: https://hirundo.pt

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