Sailing In Fiji

Fiji offers an experience of luxury, adventure, and relaxation that can be found in every corner of its volcanic coral islands. Whether you want to escape for a week on the famous and beautiful South Pacific island of Fiji with a motor yacht, catamaran, sailboat, or crew, you will find the perfect boat for your unique needs. Fiji is an area that offers sailing on monohulls, multihulls, motor yachts, and superyachts for island hopping.

Sailing In Fiji

A sailing trip to Fiji lets you discover a stunning tropical island with a beautiful culture and people. Fiji offers a wide variety of outdoor adventure experiences, culinary destinations, top spas, all-inclusive resorts, and private luxury islands. The famous Coral Coast of Naviti, one of Fiji’s largest islands, offers stunning surroundings and pristine tropical sunny beaches.

One of the most recommended activities during sailing is a day trip around the islands. Take a day of snorkeling (including barbecues and lunch on the beach), sail across the South Sea Islands, kayak on the lagoons, take a large ship to the sun-drenched beaches of Tivua, or go island hopping at Mamanuca Island.

Charter Options

Boat booking offers a wide range of charter options to visit the famous and beautiful South Pacific island of Fiji. A cruise provides plenty of time to relax in the sun and enjoy the facilities onboard for swimming, snorkeling, and day trips around Fiji. A cruise in Fiji is a convenient way to spend your holiday with no air connection, a fantastic way to see some of Fiji’s spectacular islands, beautiful natural attractions, pristine beaches, and crystal clear waters.

Boat booking offers a wide range of charter options to visit the famous and beautiful South Pacific island of Fiji. Whether you want to spend a week on the island with a motorboat, catamaran, sailboat, or crew, we find the perfect boat for your individual needs. Fiji surf charters are provided for the discerning connoisseur and meet all requirements.

Your yacht charter in Fiji starts at a marina and not at Nadi International Airport, Fiji’s main international airport on the west coast of Viti Levu’s main island. Once cleared from one of the ports of entry, you will go to another port of entry, where you will receive a Fiji Island Cruise Permit. The Island Lau Group requires permission from the government, but you will be charged a small service fee, and the permit will be processed in Suva by fax so that the fee will be higher.

Crewed Sailing

If you are an island hopper who wants to see as much of Fiji as possible, a crewed yacht may be the best choice for you. Although Fiji has many islands worth visiting, the extra speed and power that comes with the yachts increase your chances of getting from island to island with ease. The best way to explore Fiji is to spend a day sailing, which offers a relaxing and comfortable way to explore the islands in an 83-foot schooner.

Holidays In Fiji

Whether you’re looking for decadent resorts, family getaways, or backpacker adventures, Fiji has plenty to offer. Whether you are an avid diver looking for fish-rich reefs, an ecotourist, or a beach babe backpacker, find the perfect place for your next holiday in the South Pacific with our list of the best islands in Fiji. Here you will find the most important options in Fiji to help you plan and settle in the main tourism hotspot Nadi to get your best experience in Fiji.

Water Activities

Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands in Fiji offer divers the perfect underwater world to explore unique cave systems, coral reefs, and marine life, including the opportunity to swim with magnificent manta rays.


Surfing in Fiji is world-class, and it is not surprising considering that the country is a collection of 300 islands and atolls surrounded by reefs that swell all year round in the Southern Ocean. From the Mamanuca to the Yasawa Islands, Fiji offers divers the perfect underwater world to explore unique cave systems, coral reefs, and marine life, including the opportunity to swim with magnificent Manta rays. Fiji is also steeped in tradition. You will have the unique opportunity to meet village chiefs and perform ancient rituals in Sevu Sevu, where they give you permission to visit their islands and surrounding waters.

Fiji Islands

Fiji, also known as Fiji Islands, is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific. It is about two-thirds of the way between Hawaii and New Zealand and consists of an archipelago of 332 islands, of which a few makeup most of the land area, 110 of which are inhabited. This fact can be overwhelming for those who choose to go there. Although the main theme is that Fiji is one of the most remote islands in the South Pacific, here are ten reasons and ten beautiful places to visit Fiji as an exotic experience. Fiji’s most popular archipelago consists of 20 atolls, islets, and resorts clinging to the sandy coastline between two Mana and Malolo villages. In the archipelago, you will probably find the typical Fiji island resort that you have seen on many postcards. Most resorts in Fiji have clear water, golden-white sand, and dazzling reefs. Leleuvia, Naigani, and Koro islands have relaxed resorts such as Alabaster Beach and Wakaya, home to the Wakaya Club, one of the country’s most exclusive and beautiful resorts.

Nadi On Viti Levu

Nadi is located on the main island of Viti Levu and is one of Fiji’s busiest cities. The island of Ovalau is also one of the must-visit islands of Fiji. You can stay in guesthouses and explore the island and the town of Levuka, which is Fiji’s ancient capital.


Levuka was once the island capital of Fiji. Today, Levuka Ovalau is one of the few cities in the South Pacific to boast Wild West-style colonial buildings that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Viti Levu, the international gateway to Fiji, gives a taste of what the country has to offer with a resort of international caliber, including the well-kept island of Denarau and the mountain village of Navala, where locals live in traditional straw huts. The Garden Islands of Fiji are one of the most popular destinations for water rats and are considered the world’s soft coral capital.

Southern Melanesian Island

The southern Melanesian island of Fiji is one of the most diverse places you’ll have ever been to. You can enjoy remote places like Kadavu, Vanua Balavu for cultural immersion, and Fulaga, a tourist resort island in western Fiji.

Fiji’s Turtle Island Resort

If you are looking for an unforgettable sailing experience in summer, Fiji’s Turtle Island Resort is definitely worth a visit. If you’ve been looking for a world-class sailing adventure for years, make Turtle Island your next destination.


Naviti is one of the largest islands in Fiji and is famous for its coral coastline. It is an island to visit before sailing to the island nation.


You can stay at Matana Beach Resort or Papageno Resort if you are on the island to experience more of what the island has to offer. Suva is a great base for travelers looking for an island, and thanks to its many affordable accommodations, we are our first choice for a one-night stay in Fiji, the capital and the best part of Fiji to enjoy the nightlife. If you are after beach time and activities like jungle trekking, hiking to waterfalls, snorkeling, and scuba diving, then the best place to stay is in a few of the Taveuni Islands in Fiji.

Qalito Island

It is a 30-minute drive from Nadi, a small patch of sky on Fiji Reef, a rich coral coast of the main island of Viti Levu. Soft white sandy beaches with easy snorkeling access and Technicolor hard coral gardens make for a beautiful stretch of coastline – and Castaway Island is a Fijian favorite.

Denarau Island

A chain of 20 islands, Denarau, Nadi, and Mamanucas, is one of Fiji’s most established holiday destinations. The port of Denarau Marina, which houses yachts up to 70 meters in length, is a popular destination for yacht charter cruises and sailing holidays in the country.

The great advantage of Denarau Island is its proximity to the airport, a 10-minute drive away, access to some of Fiji’s best resorts and restaurants, and access to facilities like a pool and a golf course.  

Island Of Yasawa

The island of Yasawa has beautiful beaches and shimmering blue waters, and it is a good area to stay in for the first time in Fiji.

Rainbow Reef

The Rainbow Reef can be seen from Vanua Levu and accessed from Taveuni, a small offshore island, while Qamea Matagi has a resort and stunning secluded white sand beaches.

The Bottom Line

What makes Fiji so special is the diversity of its beauty of beaches, rainforests, sandy, uninhabited islands, mountains, villages, rivers, and waterfalls to explore. From palm-fringed beaches to blooming coral reefs, 330 islands in Fiji lurk for travelers looking for adventure and relaxation. Fiji has plenty to offer, whether you’re looking for a decadent resort, a family getaway, or a backpacker adventure.

Fiji is steeped in tradition, and you will have a unique opportunity to meet the village chiefs and to perform the ancient ritual of Sevu Sevu, where they grant permission to visit their islands and surrounding waters.

Amazing beaches and coral gardens on Mana Island, 15 miles from the main Viti Levu and Mamanucas islands, are enough to make you miss your flight and live forever in Fiji.

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